Cezanne et moi

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Cezanne et moi

uillaume Canet and Guillaume Gallienne play two of France’s most famous 19th century cultural figures in Daniele Thompson’s period drama. What appears to be one of the greatest bromances in cultural history has finally been brought to the screen in Cezanne and I (Cezanne et moi), writer-director Daniele Thompson’s flowery, fictionalized account of the affectionate if caustic friendship between the titular French painter and his lifelong bestie, the writer Emile Zola. Starring Guillaume Gallienne (Me, Myself and Mum) as Cezanne and Guillaume Canet (Tell No One) as Zola — both Guillaumes decked out in constantly evolving facial hair that merits its own above-the-line credit — this easily digestible though very kitschy tale of creation and destitution, prosperity and rivalry gets points for taking such liberties with two 19th century masters, who come to life here in some surprising ways. But Thompson’s heavy-handed storytelling, along with a nonstop score of pure mush, brings this closer to telenovela territory than to the Louvre, making for a fanciful period piece that could run up modest numbers both at home and abroad. – Cezanne et moi Movie Download Torrent

Cezanne et moi Movie Download Torrent


Cézanne and I is a 2016 French biographical drama film based on the friendship between 19th century novelist Émile Zola and painter Paul Cézanne. The film was written and directed by Danièle Thompson; it stars Guillaume Canet, Guillaume Gallienne, Alice Pol, Déborah François and Sabine Azéma. It was named as one of four films on the shortlist for the French submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.


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Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Gallienne

Alice Pol

Danièle Thompson
Danièle Thompson

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